Brand Divorce Will Feature In Film


Katy Perry has been working on her 1st movie over the last few months with ‘Paramount Pictures‘. During this time she and husband Russell Brand have decided to start divorce proceedings, and she’s now told TV host Ellen DeGeneres that  her new film, ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D‘, will depict the breakdown of their marriage.

On ‘Ellen‘ yesterday, the singer said: “I thought it was important to show everything in between. I think sometimes people think that we’re perfect and we know we’re not perfect, at all. I think it’s important to start breaking down the idea that to achieve your dream you always have to be perfect or flawless or live in some kind of fantasy world. So that’s why I decided to put everything into the film. In the most tasteful way. But mostly it’s about how I go there and the ride along the way which can be bumpy but mostly it was extremely fun.”

Speaking about her rise to fame, she commented: “There was a lot of the word “no” being thrown my way and I just never accepted that. You know overcoming everybody saying, “It’s not going to work”, because a lot of people wanted me to be like someone – whether that was a Kelly Clarkson or an Avril Lavigne – and I was like, “I want to be Katy Perry first”, and they didn’t really understand that. Maybe because my vision was so strong, but finally I got to go with it and it’s kind of worked out! When you see the film, it’s a bit scary because there’s a lot of shots of me bloated with zits and normal.”

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