Matt Cardle Dropped By Label


X Factor2010 winner Matt Cardle has been dumped this week by his record label, ‘Columbia‘. The reason for the drop is because of his terrible sales for debut album ‘Letters‘, and the fact that none of his singles from the album have even reached anywhere close to the ‘Top 40.’

The star posted through his Twitter page: “I have parted ways with ‘Columbia‘ records, we were heading in different directions, big news coming soon… So excited!” This is exactly why you don’t criticise the big boss, Simon Cowell…recently he slammed him for allowing runners-up to release music before him, and now he’s found himself jobless…

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  1. You should get your facts straight. The album came into the chart at no. 2 and went platinum. It contains a no.1 and a no.6 single.

    • ‘Starlight’ no. 185
      ‘Amazing’ no. 84
      ‘Run For Your Life’ was only slightly more successful because Gary Barlow wrote it for him! And I was talking about how badly his singles have done and that he’s had awful album sales! His 1 decent song was a cover.

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