Katy Perry Kisses Marine Onstage


Katy Perry made a Marine’s dream come true this week when she gave him a passionate kiss onstage! During her performance of single ‘Part of Me‘ at a ‘Fleet Week‘ event in New York, she brought the handsome man in uniform to the platform, and began the flirtation by stealing his hat.

The saucy singer flirted: “Does it look good on me?,” before asking him to reenact a famous scene from an iconic 40s picture of a nurse kissing a sailor. “Do you know what I am talking about? You want to do it? You promise you are not going to drop me? You’re not gonna drop me? If you drop me, I am going to sick all my friends on you,” she joked. The lucky guy dipped her back, and raised his arms in victory.

Fleet Week‘ sees military ships dock in various US cities across 7 days so that the crews can see the sights, and is an annual event. Katy wore a patriotic US flag print dress with an asymmetrical shoulder on the red carpet. She posted on her Twitter afterwards: “Sea men dock their vessels in the great city of NYC to experience the land from whence they came. I’m about to give them a show!”

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