Blake Lively Covered In Blood


She may play the perfect princess of the Upper East Side in ‘Gossip Girl‘ as Serena van der Woodsen, but Blake Lively‘s latest acting gig doesn’t require such a high-maintenance beauty regimen.

In a series of stills from her upcoming movie ‘Savages‘, the blonde can be seen with both of her arms covered in blood in a very disheveled state. Other snaps prove her to have acquired some new tomboy skills, as she points her gun at the camera lens on a shooting range. ‘Gossip Girl‘ fans will find her new image quite ironic, given that the author behind the show, Cecily von Ziegesar, wrote a book called  ‘Psycho Killer‘ last year, in which Blake‘s character becomes the mass murderer of the city.

Director Oliver Stone shared some personal pictures of them filming on a Facebook page: “Blake took a lot of photographs along the way. She’s quite creative and  is always exploring things, including her bloody hands. I won’t tell you how they get bloody, but you’ll see for yourself.”

Savages‘ opens in American cinemas on July 6. The film is based upon 2 Marijuana growers, who fight a Mexican drug gang that kidnap their shared girlfriend.

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