Alex Reid Carries Own Baby Bump


Chantelle Houghton‘s cross-dressing fiancée Alex Reid has become a ‘pregnant man’ for the day in a new magazine photoshoot for ‘Now‘ magazine. In a series of pictures, he is seen struggling as he does the washing-up, mopping the floor and carrying the groceries -all menial tasks that Chantelle has been papped doing recently.

In the accompanying interview, Alex admits that they’ve struggled a lot to get on recently, and that he did briefly move out 2 weeks ago: “We have fights. Who doesn’t? But all her stuff is still at my place, er, I mean our place. I still love her and can’t wait to marry her and bring up our family together. I wish I knew [what triggered the row]. There are only two things I do wrong at the moment: everything I say and everything I do….I breathe wrongly and I get my throat jumped down.”

Meanwhile, he has commented on their relationship on Twitter: “Complete crap, me or Chantelle never ever said that. Couples row, but when we do it’s another headline. We’re both bored rotten of it. Chantelle & I imprisoned again! Just walked up 2 suspicious blacked out cars outside the house & they scared living daylights out of the sneaky hiding paps. Always look on bright side of life though. Might have stopped us doing what we had planned, but it’s a lovely day in the garden.” Chantelle tweeted last week about their big bust-up: “To confirm I did take time out from Alex and stay at my flat last week after an almighty row. Last couple days been trying to sort things.”

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