WAG Abbey Crouch Cautioned


WAG Abbey Crouch, wife of ‘Stoke City‘ player Peter, has been cautioned by police following an altercation at a nightclub near Liverpool back in January. The bust-up happened at popular nightclub ‘Panacea‘ in Cheshire during a routine night out with a group of friends.

A supposed friend of the model has told ‘The Sun‘: “She was on a night out with a couple of friends and ended up having an argument with another girl who had sneaked into the VIP area and became a nuisance. All she did was tweak the girl’s hair which sparked the complaint to security. The police showed up and sorted it all out but Abbey felt she had been targeted because she is well known. There have been problems since, which Abbey has been trying to ignore.”

A spokesman for ‘Cheshire Police‘ confirmed the 1.30am incident at the club, and that a caution was handed out to a young woman: “A 26-year-old woman from Macclesfield was given an adult caution.”

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