Chris Brown Threatens To Beat Cher


Idiotic R&B singer Chris Brown cannot go a day without getting himself into some kind of trouble; this time he’s claiming that a hacker is responsible for a series of ugly tweets to popstar Cher. In the tweets, he, (ahem, the ‘hacker’), lashes out at her about US President Obama.

The original tweet read: “That damn granny bitch Cher needs to keep her mouth shut about her opinion against Obama! Smh she needs a beating.” A fan of her’s then informed her about the message: “Cher, how do you feel about Chris Brown saying he was gonna hit you?” Cher replied: “I don’t know. Is that something he’s particularly good at?” Haha, brilliant!

Chris did his best to resolve the situation and delete the message, and sent an apology: “Cher if this is your real Twitter I would like to say that some of your fans like @cherarmy1 are spreading false accusations. I have the utmost respect for you as an artist! Just to clear this up.” Cher responded: “Thanks Chris, appreciate the sentiment! As an artist I’m always impressed by you! No war! No throw ‘n shade! Just peace, going to see the President tomorrow, am excited.”

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  1. damn. he’s talented, but he only said he was sorry cuz he realized that no one praised him for his comment. its bullshit. whatever Chris brown… oh & Cher is Legendary 🙂

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