Kim Kardashian’s Tight Dress Rips


Kim Kardashian had every fashionista’s worst nightmare last night when her dress ripped just a few minutes before a televised appearance. She was just adding the finishing touches to her usual sleek look when the zip of her tight black leather dress broke, and she was left with a giant gaping hole at the back, which exposed plenty of skin.

Her emergency fashion team were on it though, and managed to sew her into it just in the nick of time. She was interviewed on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel‘ show with sisters Khloé and Kourtney in LA. In a series of frenzied tweets, she wrote: “Can’t wait to chat with Jimmy Kimmel tonight with my sisters @KourtneyKardash and @KhloeKardash! About to do ‘Jimmy Kimmel‘ & my whole dress rips! Help! Time to sew me in…praying this works! Getting my dress sewn up! I think we can make it work.”

Perhaps next time go up a size babe?!

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