Katy Kisses Cheryl On TV Show


Katy Perry puckered up to girl crush Cheryl Cole at a taping for the ‘Graham Norton‘ show in London yesterday during a filming of the talk show. I’m not surprised, as they both have a lot in common- including a shared love for Rihanna! Katy‘s in town to promote her new 3D movie ‘Katy Perry: A Part Of Me‘, and Cheryl is promoting her 3rd solo album, ‘A Million Lights‘.

The girls demonstrated sisterhood when Graham asked why Cheryl had ditched the Cole in her name. “Cheryl really just looked better on the new album artwork. I couldn’t fit the Cole on,” she said. Katy then chipped in with “you don’t need that Cole honey!” After the pair finished filming, Cheryl tweeted Katy: “I love @katyperry #thatisall.” Meanwhile, Katy reciprocated the love, and wrote: “Twitter contest. Pick a Geordie to follow on twitter: @realrossnoble or @CherylCole go with your heart. Not just cause Cheryl‘s prettier”.

Cheryl also insinuated that she’d be happy for Prince Harry to call her, and that she has a crush on the “hot ginger”, saying she “would consider Prince Harry if he asked her out.” Only recently Prince Harry admitted he  fancied Cheryl, and that he’d had a dream about being married to her.

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