Katie Piper Asked Mum To Kill Her


Burn victim and somewhat celebrity Katie Piper has told ‘The Guardian‘ how her disfigurement following an acid attack back in 2008 left her wanting to end her life.

The brave philanthropist confided: “I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe or swallow properly. My eyelids were fused together. I drifted in and out of ­consciousness and at times I woke but thought I was dead. I was helpless and couldn’t see how I could ever be free from pain or terror. Weeks later I managed to use a pen and pad to scribble a few words to Mum. I wrote, ‘Am I alive? Help me!’ Then Mum got incredibly upset because I wrote, ‘Kill me.’ At the time I truly meant it. I’d learned I was blind, half my face was missing. My Mum has come to every operation with me. She’s waited for 8 hours, in a side room, with no chair, for me to go into surgery. She’s come to foreign countries with me to have treatment, and not been able to speak to anyone. I really hope I can be like her.”

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