Naked ‘Kardashian’ Picture Leaks


A naked picture of a very tanned looking woman that resembles Kim Kardashian has being doing the rounds online today. Current boyfriend of the reality star, Kanye West, is said to have accidentally uploaded the snap to his Twitter yesterday, and shortly after realised his mistake and removed it.

In fact, porn star Amia Mileyhas admitted that it is her arse, not Kim‘s- she attempted to clear up any confusion today on Twitter: “Apparently a naked photo of me eating is going viral…as Kim Kardashian…I’m confused. I’m not going to argue about whether that pic is me or not…want proof? Look at the back dimple piercings. Kim doesn’t have those…oh, and myright wrist piercing shows in the pic too…the end.”

I am gobsmacked it this isn’t actually Kim…you can just tell it is by what you can see of her facial features (the star of the photo was devouring a piece of cake when it was taken!) It’s also believed that it could just be part of Twitter trending topic “WanksterWednesday” (like an April Fools Day).

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