‘Big Brother’ Winner Turns To Drugs


Big Brother 10‘ winner Sophie Reade has confessed that she turned to drugs after being dumped by footballer Mario Balotelli. She is currently battling depression after her heart being broken by the ex, who cheated on her with best friend Faye-Evette Betts.

In a Twitter rant, she said: “Shit happens and I’ve been declared depressed but I shall become a stronger from this #respect #staystrong. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Feel so much better to be getting help now, did a lot of stuff I’m not proud of to make myself feel better and makes it worse! Helps to talk. Depression doesn’t get taken seriously enough. Take the help that is offered and they’ll have you back on form in no time.” When a fan asked her whether she was referring to drugs use, she put: “yep and its shameful.”

Last year Sophie struggled emotionally after discovering her boyfriend was having an affair, and said in an interview: “I feel utterly betrayed by Mario. I really cared for him and he insisted he felt the same way about me. I would never normally date a footballer because they have such bad reputations. Mario seemed very different. I got suspicious because his friend seemed to be standing at the door as if to stop me coming out. I ran upstairs to the living room to look for Mario but he wasn’t there. Then I came down again to see Faye coming out of the other bedroom. I knew something had happened. I confronted him but then one of his friends came up to me and said, ‘I think it’s about time you left.’ I was literally shoved out of the flat with no shoes on and left barefoot in a little black sequined party dress in the freezing foyer. It was 4am and I had to call my Mum and ask her to pick me up. I was devastated.”

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