Christine Bleakley Has Cancer Scare


Daybreak‘ bore Christine Bleakley has told the ‘Press Association‘ that she recently had a cancer scare, and had to remove some potentially dangerous moles: “I had my moles checked, just because I thought it was a good thing to do, and I discovered I had to have three removed. They were all fine, thank the Lord, but I had a period of not knowing whether it was fine or not. It’s a funny old thing when you start realising it’s not like you’re 18 and you think you’re going to live for ever. You start thinking slightly differently and you take a bit more care of yourself. You have that period when you’re checking it and, goodness me, it was terrible. All sorts of thoughts run through your mind. But, thank the Lord, it was all fine.”

She is now preparing to run 5k in a ‘Cancer Research‘ ‘Race For Life‘ event.

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