Katy Perry Wants To Be Madonna


Katy Perry has graced the cover of ‘L’Uomo Vogue‘ magazine with a brand new blonde look, and a brand new take on Madonna.

“I think Madonna, especially early in her career, when she was laying the foundations of her character, has been able to evolve constantly, managing to give the audience at every appearance a new visual interpretation and concept of herself. She was able to keep up the interest of the people, because you never knew with what she would come out with the next time. And, regularly, has offered a solid and consistent musical product. I hope to do the same, to make sure that people continue to be interested in me and in 10 years, to find out, looking back, I have produced songs that will never be forgotten.”

“My sense of style is like one of those rings that change colour with mood, always evolving. When I get up, I choose my outfit depending on my mood. If it is a “mixture of many things” it is because I feel many different emotions at the same time, to the point where you feel you almost have a split personality.”

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