‘Steps’ Singer’s Battle With Bulimia


Former ‘Steps‘ lead vocalist Claire Richards has revealed all about her eating disorder in the late 90s during the peak of her fame in a new book, titled ‘All Of Me.’

Speaking about a fast food meal she was forced to eat, she said: “As soon as I’d finished it, I started panicking. I rushed back to where we were filming, found the toilets and stuck my fingers down my throat to try and make myself throw up. All I could think was, “I have to get this out, I can’t get on stage with this inside me. I felt totally repulsed by the greasy burger I’d just swallowed . I must have been in the toilet for ages because the burger just wouldn’t come up.” She turned to diet pills to reduce her size: “It was a fit of desperation. They had ephedrine in them, which boosts your metabolic rate, helps burn fat and suppresses appetite. It was like a production line in my kitchen. Who does that when they’re taking slimming pills? I was literally off my head on slimming pills.”

“Before I got into the band I was made to promise I would lose weight. I was 10 stone at the time – not big especially as I’m 5ft 6in. I had no idea those comments about my weight would come to haunt me during my time in ‘Steps‘. When I left the band it was because I couldn’t cope any more. But then I had nothing to fill the space ‘Steps‘ had left. I couldn’t cope. For 4 years I barely went out. I don’t think I had a breakdown but I was so embarrassed about people seeing me – worried what they would stay. I was depressed. I’d stay in bed until lunchtime, then lie on the sofa watching TV. I went into reverse dieting. I’d buy a pack of cakes for four and eat the lot. It was like I was grieving.”

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