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Tom Daley’s Twitter Troll Arrested


The 17-year-old male, who caused furore on the Internet yesterday after sending Olympic diver Tom Daley offensive tweets, has been arrested. The man from Weymouth was arrested at a guest house following a series of hateful messages directed towards Tom via social networking site ‘Twitter‘.

After failing to make the top 3 rank¬† in the synchronised diving, the user wrote: “You let your Dad down I hope you know that. I’m going to find you and I’m going to drown you in the pool you cocky twat your a nobody people like you make me sick.” Tom wrote to his many followers in response: “Thank you everyone for all your support before, during and after the synchro, the atmosphere was incredible! Now focusing on the individual.”

Paris Pays For Fan’s MD Surgery


Kind-hearted philanthropist/ celebrity Paris Hilton has donated $5,000 to one of her biggest supporters in order to pay for surgery. After meeting him in a Hollywood club earlier this month, she became so moved by his personal battle with ‘muscular dystrophy’ she decided to help him in any way. In a ‘YouTube‘ video he’s created to commemorate the experience, Mike describes their meeting: “I met her about a week-and-a-half ago… I just thought she was a very sweet person… We became friends and… she just sent me $5,000 and saved my life, literally. Words cannot express how I feel. I just want to say, Paris, I love you, thank you so much.”

Minaj Needs Trailer Just For Wigs


Nicki Minaj is known worldwide for her cool and colourful wigs, so it comes to no surprise that she’s required a caravan just for them when she performs at ‘V Festival‘ next month in Essex.

A huge number of costume changes during her set is the main reason her team has cheekily asked for a separate area to store her many weaves. A ‘Winnebago‘ caravan will be placed on the site in the backstage area, the ‘Virgin Media Louder Lounge‘. She is rumoured to have also asked for 20 wig stands, 10 cans of hairspray, 300 hair pins, 5 combs, and a 360 degree mirror. Divalicious demands!

Gwen: ‘No Doubt’ Reunion Is Tough


Gwen Stefani has been working with her band ‘No Doubt‘ over the last few years on perfecting their next album, and has had a well-earned moan to ‘The Daily Record‘ about the toll it has taken on her family and health.

“We were only able to get together 3 days a week and, because I had the kids, there was only a limited amount of time. I was exhausted by the time I got there, so it was a struggle trying to weigh and balance everything out with the kids. But it was that fight that made the record so great. I went round the world with Kingston on my own and that was really hard. I was nursing him for 14 months so I would nurse, go on stage and wake up through the night and on the bus, and it was just like, ‘What am I doing?’ It was so hard.”

Their new album ‘Push & Shove‘ will be released September 24 in the UK.

Styles Kisses Bride At Wedding


It’s been a busy week of weddings for ‘One Direction‘ boy Harry Styles…let’s hope he’s got a good hat collection! Over the weekend Rochelle Wiseman from ‘The Saturdays‘ got hitched to ‘JLS‘ man Marvin Humes, a wedding that Harry attended. The day after, he bumped into a very newly-married woman on a street in Oxford.

When he saw her in a big white wedding dress, he popped by and offered her a kiss on the cheek in congratulations whilst the husband was out of sight- he literally crashed her wedding! He was surprisingly upbeat and looked good considering he’d only had a few hours sleep- he and friend Una Healy had been pictured stumbling around mere hours before at Rochin‘s evening ‘do. Lucky, lucky lady.

We Will See More ‘Gavin & Stacey’


Half of the brains behind ‘BBC‘ comedy ‘Gavin & Stacey‘, James Corden, has vowed to the ‘Daily Mail‘ that fans will eventually see their favourite Welsh and Essex lot return to their TV screens to reprise their roles.

“It would be a crime not to make more episodes. It’s a great show, writing with Ruth [Jones] is a gift. I definitely plan on doing more.” Previously he and co- creator Ruth Jones had ignored the public’s demand to see more from them, but Ruth has recently been quoted as saying that she’d like to produce a musical based on the show, in addition to filming new episodes.

R-Patz Moves Out Of Couple’s Home



As if the fact that a heartbroken Robert Pattinson has dumped Kristen Stewart wasn’t obvious enough, he made it all the more abundantly clear today when he moved his possessions out of their shared home, (well, what most of us would refer to as “mansion.”)

U Haul‘ vans left their $6 millon LA home earlier, which looked to contain his belongings, and a great deal of furniture, as it took hours for them to remove all of his personal items from the property. Clearly it’s not a temporary step for the couple- Kristen, I would be very scared for your future if I were you- it’s gunna be a lonely one.