Mario Balotelli The Baby Daddy


Italy player Mario Balotelli has something to celebrate today after his team’s appalling defeat again Spain yesterday- he is going to be a Dad! He cried tears of sadness after the defeat in the Euro final, and now he’s probably crying at the thought of how much dosh he’s going to have to spend on the baby- bet he’s wishing he didn’t ‘go outside without a coat’ now!

His ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico told him before the semi-final match last week that she was pregnant with his child. She told ‘Sport Mediaset‘: “I called the day before the game against Germany and I said, I’m expecting a baby, it’s your baby. After a pause he said ‘You gave me the best news of the world. I went to a pharmacy outside Milan to buy a pregnancy test and I found I was pregnant. But I only told my mother and my brother.”

She discovered that she pregnant last month, and ended their relationship the month before. They are now keen to rebuild their relationship, and she claims that he wants to have a son with her and get married.

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