Simon’s Birthday Gift For Cheryl


Simon Cowell sent Cheryl Cole a cheeky birthday over the weekend in the air. The ‘X Factor‘ music mogul clearly has more than a few pounds to spare, and purchased a unique sky writing message for his former rival Cheryl.

The message, which was written by a plane hired by Simon in Vegas, was a retaliation to her doing the same thing on his last birthday. Her message for him read: “Simon Cowell is 52 today! Ha ha ha! Love Cheryl xoxo”, and his message for her read: “Congratulations you’re 30 next year hahaha love Simon xxx”.

She celebrated her last 20-something birthday in Vegas with ‘Girls Aloud‘ bandmates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts. She kept the public guessing about who her companions were when she posted a picture of Twitter of her dinner guests all wearing identical Cheryl masks.  She’s tweeted: “#Vegas #3daysnosleeps #1body2minds #gohardorgohome #wheresmybed#DearVegas you win! I officially bow down… It wasn’t a knock out i just took a graceful seat! I came I saw YOU conquered #isaluteyou.”

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