Taylor Momsen: “Fame Is Fleeting”


Controversial ‘Pretty Reckless‘ frontwoman Taylor Momsen, former ‘star of ‘ITV2‘ drama ‘Gossip Girl’, has told ‘Yahoo! Voices‘ that she has no plans to return to acting, and that fame is short-lived.

“I try not to focus on fame; I don’t even really know what it means exactly because it’s so fleeting. The goal is to never be famous. The goal is to be successful and have longevity in what you do. Switching the public’s perception and view of me was, and still is, kind of a challenge to get them to see me outside of a character that I played on TV for so long. Seeing me as something different and not that character… I’m actually not that character and am a very different person. For me, music is so much of an honest art form. It hasn’t really changed much; rather it’s more just my schedule and my life are different.”

And when asked if she’d consider a return to her previous day job, she replied: “Not at the moment. It’s really not something I’m focusing on right now. I really don’t want to go back to 2 jobs. I’m working so hard at this and to split time and do multiple things again seem crazy to me. I did that once and it was horrible. I am working so hard at this; we’re going to South America, the Philippines, Japan and China and Korea. We’re currently making a record so it’s kind of a never ending process and already a 24-hour a day job so I can’t imagine focusing my time on anything other than that.”

On her entry into music: “It wasn’t even about going into music; I’ve always wanted to play in different bands. I’ve always wanted to make a record. It took a while to make a record with material that I wanted people to hear. When I finally got to the point where I wanted people to hear what I was doing I knew that it was the right time. Now I can’t imagine stopping.”

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