LiLo, Lana & Gaga’s Secret Sleepover


An unlikely friendship group has formed between the likes of Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan and Lana Del Rey, if new reports of a sleepover between the ladies are true. They had a sleepover in a suite at legendary LA hangout-spot ‘Chateau Marmont‘, and LiLo took charge of the organisation beforehand. ‘X17online‘ reports that the ladies, “were watching old movies and playing board games together. The 3 of them had dinner in the garden on Tuesday night at ‘Chateau’, and then Lindsay and Gaga ran upstairs to play dress up and came down in different outfits.”

There seems to have been some kind of joke made on Twitter about a cucumber and bunch of lemons Lindsay ordered. Lindsay tweeted the other day: “#skinnysnack1 @ladygaga hahaha”, and Gaga replied: “@lindsaylohan When you ordered a cucumber and a knife to the bar last night I thought your were gonna perform a vasectomy #justaskinnybitch.” During the evening’s proceedings, she tweeted a picture of a cucumber, and: “How much could one do with this arrangement!”

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