Brand Praises Perry’s New Single


Russell Brand was wrung out and hung up to dry during a radio interview yesterday with Howard Stern on ‘Sirius XM‘. He was grilled heavily about his current divorce from Katy Perry, whether he likes her new song, and how many ladies have visited his bed over the last few months.

“She’s a good person, I’ve not nothing but love for her. I was very proud of everything she did. She’s a young woman dealing with the break-up of the relationship, which is understandable. It’s a nice song. She’s younger than me. She’s a young woman and she’s beautiful and she’s sensitive and I care about her deeply, I don’t want to be too glib. She’ll read it and she’ll be sad and I don’t want that. Her parents were lovely. I don’t read newspapers no more because I think it warps your perspective on everything.”

“I loved her so much, it just seemed like the sensible thing to do when we got married … I just loved her so much. I was really, really in love with her, but it was difficult to see each other. We were together when it was right to be together, and when it wasn’t we worked it out … It was a lovely relationship … it mostly didn’t work for practical reasons … We did work it out, she’s happy, I’m happy. She’s young, successful and dedicated. The reality is you can’t fully understand it until you do it. I was really into the idea of marriage and having children.”

When he was questioned about his recent sexual activities, he used a metaphor about Willy Wonka: “If you’ve been on a diet of rice for a while and suddenly Willy Wonka asked you to take over the factory, you’d be kicking over barrels of candy and swimming in a chocolate river.”

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