Pixie’s Hairy Red Carpet Appearance


I never expected this from someone with as great a style and make up artist as Pixie Lott, but the pint-sized singer committed a huge fashion faux pas last night by emerging on the red carpet with not just slightly hairy armpits, but what looked like gorilla fur. Forget the every-other-day approach, she clearly hasn’t ventured down there for at least a week…

I should think that the paps capturing the event, the premiere of new action flick  ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘, were shocked by the grooming error. She made the fundamental mistake of going for a classic hands on the hips stance, and was no doubt horrified when she realised her mistake! ‘Made In Chelsea‘ star Kimberley Garner definitely stole her thunder in an almost identical but far skimpier version of her aqua outfit.

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