‘One Direction’ Pregnancy Prank


Cheeky ‘One Direction‘ members Louis and Zayn stitched up their band mates yesterday with a prank that sent Harry Styles on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Harry, Liam and Niall turned up to what they thought was a meeting with a ‘Nickelodeon‘ producer, only to be confronted with a heavily pregnant lady, who started screaming in agony with her “labour pains.”

As the panicked boys dialed her husband’s number in her phone to ask what to do, Harry Styles tried some hilarious breathing exercises with the lady, who was doubled over in pain.  The actress that was hired even wore a massive fake bump to make it look more realistic! He started to freak out even more though when they were unable to find another member of staff in the building to assist them. “Why is no-one here? Can somebody help us?!”, Harry shouted.

The only slightly funny part for the boys that weren’t in the know was the stench of farts coming from her. “I’m sorry, I farted. I’m pregnant,” she joked. Harry took the prank the worst out of the bunch, and rolled around on the floor, whilst all his friend high-fived each other and laughed. “I was actually thinking, “This is going to be a great press story; ‘One Direction‘ deliver a child”. Oh God he is so adorable.

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