Nicki Minaj Fan Grabs Her Onstage


Nicki Minaj was taken by surprise last night when a fan stormed onstage and grabbed the singer in a friendly embrace. He clearly had no intention whatsoever of causing her harm, so I can’t help but feel that her security team’s handling of the situation was a little extreme. She was busy addressing the audience at her Miami show between songs at the ‘International Centre‘ in Florida when he invaded her space.

In the video footage below, you can see several members of her security team punching and kicking him- how ridiculous! All he wanted was a hug from his idol! Nicki gave the audience a strained smile and bowed, and thanked them “for the love.” After the gig she tweeted: “Florida you were amazing tonight! Thank you so much for the love! Mmmuah.” When one fan wrote: “I hear you almost had to put them liddle puppy paws on somebody tonight,” she replied: “Lmaooooooooo. Sit down!”

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