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‘Jersey Shore’ Axed By ‘MTV’ Bosses


MTV‘ announced yesterday that their biggest and most successful show to date, ‘Jersey Shore‘, has been cancelled. The show, which spawned a number of spin-offs, depicted the crazy antics of Snooki, JWoww, Pauly D and friends during their travels across the globe.

The show will end after the 6th season airs in October. However, fans should not dismay, as sister programme ‘Snooki & JWoww‘ has been picked up by network executives for a 2nd season, which will show Snooki giving birth, and her future wedding to Jionni.

Snooki’s written on Twitter: “Yes, sadly it’s true. This upcoming season of ‘Jersey Shore‘ will be our last. But it was fricken INSANE. I will always love my roomies!”

Guiliana Rancic Becomes A Mother


E! News‘ presenter Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill‘s surrogate delivered their son, Edward Duke Rancic, at 10pm on Wednesday evening.

Bill, who helped to cut the umbilical cord, tweeted: “The Duke has landed! Edward Duke Rancic was welcomed into the world last night at 7lbs 4oz. Giuliana & I feel blessed beyond words…We did it!’ Giuliana told ‘E!‘: “Bill and I are blessed beyond words to welcome Edward into our lives. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us along the way. We are so in love with the little guy already!”

Rita Ora Has A Phobia Of Toilets!


She’s hot property in the music business right now, but let’s just say she isn’t good at handling her own personal businesss… Rita Ora will no doubt be ridiculed now for admitting that she has a crazy phobia- of going to the toilet!

She told ‘The Daily Star‘: “I have a few fears. I always feel that when I go to the toilet that something’s going to come out of the bottom. I have this thing where I think this tunnel must start from somewhere. Then sometimes I think, what if something comes out of the toilet? So at night time I always make sure I put the light on when I go.” Oh my…

Jonas & Bieber ‘X Factor’ Mentors


Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas have been added to the ‘X Factor USA‘ team, and will fill the roles of mentors to the contestants. Justin will help LA Reid select the people for his category at his house, and Nick will help family friend and ‘Camp Rock‘ co-star Demi Lovato at her house to pick just 4 acts to enter the live stage of the competition (Demi‘s category is solo singers ages 12 to 16).

Neither have released a statement yet, but the Biebs‘ partnership was made very clear by this tweet: “Long day but great day. @LA_Reid @ScooterBraun just like old times! Thanks.”

Kanye Chucks 100 Of Kim’s Shoes


Kanye West broke every boyfriend rule in the book during an episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ the other day when he not only insulted Kim‘s fashion choices, but also decided to chuck them out himself!

After a sprightly Kim told the cameras: “Kanye is coming over today with his stylist and he is giving me a makeover,” the cheeky rapper informed Kim that her wardrobe is “too ghetto”. He and his stylist (with 10 bin bags at hand) tackled her closet, dividing the contents into a ‘donations’ and a ‘keep’ pile. In the end over 100 pairs of beautiful shoes were carelessly tossed into the sacks.

Feminist sister Khloé was appalled with Kim and Kanye: “I feel like this is half that stuff I have, so are you like saying that I need to get a stylist? You know I love this! You gotta have a little ghetto in your life!” A patronising Kanye, who clearly felt that his work was done, then told Kim: “You’re getting on best dressed lists now. You’re stepping into this territory. You look amazing – it’s a new Kim!” In another segment, she gushed: “Kanye has inspired me to be a little bit more of an individual”. Yeah, right babe!

Snooki Pops Guido Baby Lorenzo


Snooki‘, star of ‘Jersey Shore‘, has popped her sprog, and named him Lorenzo! She gave birth on August 26th at the ‘St. Barnabas Medical Centre‘ in her home state of New Jersey with her fiancé Jionni LaValle at her side.

Her spokesperson gloated: “The world just got another Guido! Lorenzo LaValle has entered the world weighing 6lbs 5oz. Nicole, Jionni & Enzo are doing great! The world will get to meet her Italian Stallion newborn soon enough.” Snooks herself has tweeted her thoughts about the day: “Hardly any sleep but SO worth it! Post birth isn’t so comfy and glamorous. But my son is FABULOUS. Being a mom is an amazing feeling! I love my little man to death! Jionni is such a cute dad.”

Usher Wins Custody Of Both Sons


A triumphant Usher was granted primary custody and parental control of both his children in court last week. He was competing with ex-wife Tameka Raymond in an extremely long and bitter custody battle, which ended with a positive result for the singer.

Tameka‘s legal team argued that he was unable to be a proper father due to his many work commitments, and even claimed that he had used drugs in front of the kids! However, his team argued that she was an inattentive and irresponsible mother, who could not fulfill the necessary duties that motherhood brings.

Tameka has tweeted several cryptic messages since then: “Money can buy many things… But in the end. Truth & goodness will prevail. I must continue to believe this. Stand firm. Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you… Fear the fake friend that hugs you. There’s not much worse. A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing… A mans loyalty is tested when he has everything!”

Chris Moyles’ Car Collection Robbed


Radio 1‘s least funny presenter, Chris Moyles, was informed by police yesterday that his house had been broken into during his holiday abroad. The thieves got away with taking £100,000 worth of cars from the driveway of his £2 million house in Highgate, London. The stolen motors are an ‘Audi RS‘ and a ‘Mercedes ML63 AMG‘, but they’ve been found since their disappearance.

A ‘Scotland Yard‘ representative said: “We are investigating a burglary that took place on Thursday at an address in Highgate. 2 vehicles that were stolen as a result of the burglary have been recovered and inquiries are continuing. There have been no arrests at this time.”

Jenkins Denies Beckham Affair


Angelic classical singer Katherine Jenkins is the last person you’d ever expect to have an affair, so I was shocked just now when she had to defend herself after allegations of her having an affair with footballing legend David Beckham, husband of notorious ice queen Victoria.

“Dear Twitter friends, I’ve read some horrible rumours on here & want you to know I absolutely deny I’ve had an affair with David Beckham. Just so we are clear I have never been on my own with him and never arranged to meet up. I’ve only met David twice: once at the ‘Military Awards‘ in 2010 & on a night out in the West End in February 2012. The rumours are very hurtful, untrue & my lawyers tell me actionable. We were out in a group of friends & it was just a normal fun evening out.”

Speak Now: Swift Crashes Wedding


In her song ‘Speak Now‘, Taylor Swift describes bursting in on a wedding mid-ceremony, in order to stop the boy she loves from ‘marrying the wrong girl.’ But over the weekend, Taylor showed up unannounced (and seemingly uninvited) to a family wedding of current beau Conor Kennedy. Do you hear this? Taylor Swift is a wedding crasher!

She turned up to the wedding of Kyle Kennedy, only to be immediately asked to leave by her mother, Victoria Gifford Kennedy, who moaned to a Boston newspaper: “They texted me an hour before the wedding and asked if they could come. I responded with a very clear please do not come. I personally went up to Ms. Swift, whose entrance distracted the entire event, politely introduced myself to her, and asked her as nicely as I could to leave. It was like talking to a ghost. She seemed to look right past me.”

Taylor’s publicist Paula Erickson denied that there was any drama on the day though: “There is no truth to that. Taylor was invited to the wedding and the bride thanked her profusely for being there.” Taylor honey, you certainly wouldn’t get kicked out of my wedding!