GG’s Ed Westwick In Club Brawl


Gossip Girl‘ actor Ed Westwick must have had a night off from his on-screen, suave gentleman persona Chuck Bass on Thursday. He became involved in a confrontation with another party-goer at ‘SL‘ night club in New York when a customer at a nearby table ended up with Ed allegedly trying to punch him. He flipped when he thought the guy was trying to take a picture of him on a rare night off- when Ed‘s punch missed the guy’s face by miles, he asked security to chuck the guy out, no doubt embarrassed.

A witness of the altercation claims: “Ed thought that one of the guys from the next table was taking a photo of him. But he was really just trying to get a shot of his girlfriend. Ed freaked out. He leapt up and tried to punch the guy, but completely missed. He yelled, “You don’t take fucking pictures of me.” Ed‘s own representative has refused to comment, but a representative for the club denied the claims: “This never happened — Ed had a great time and there was no conflict of any kind.”

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