Harry Styles The Homewrecker?


Earlier in the year it emerged that adorable ‘One Direction‘ member Harry Styles had continued his quest for a cougar by secretly seeing radio DJ Lucy Horobin, who’s 15 years older than him. Now she and her husband Oliver Pope have been driven to divorce after a short year-long marriage, due to speculation about what happened between her and Harry. The pair met last August at an interview for ‘Key 103′  in Manchester, and had obvious chemistry.

A friend of Oliver‘s told ‘The Daily Mirror‘: “Ollie and Lucy have decided to end their marriage. Both of them are deeply saddened their relationship is over but believe they will be better off as friends… When Ollie discovered what had happened with Lucy and Harry he tried to forgive and forget. Lucy got a lot of flack from Harry fans when the fling was exposed and Ollie was the one who supported her through it. But the stress eventually became unbearable. Behind closed doors they argued about it and in the end they agreed they’d be better off splitting up.”

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