Taylor Swift’s Next Album Title Is…


Being the massive Taylor Swift fan that I am, I decided to log onto her live web chat just now to hear all about her next album. And I’m glad I did so, as we were given a massive treat- not only did she reveal the name of her latest project, but even gave the 1st play of her new single, and a glimpse of her stunning but simple album cover!

The album, titled ‘Red‘, will be released worldwide on October 22nd, and will feature 16 songs, not including bonus tracks. During the chat she revealed: “I ended up having to pick between 30-35 songs that I really wanted to make in an album. It was really hard to get it down to 16 but…16‘s a lot for an album. I have a really nice record label who let me do that!”

When she was asked by one fan what her creative inspiration was, she said: “I ended up being inspired by a lot of really crazy sort of 0 to 100 and then hits a wall and explodes relationships, which are so fun to write about, but really not good and really dysfunctional generally. But when you write about them, it gives you a lot of inspiration, and so there were the things that I went through personally, and then there are stories that I kind of witnessed going on around me…whether it was a friend’s relationship, or someone who I saw going through something and it inspired me.”

“When I’m writing an album, my world kind of becomes a big story board, and everyone in it becomes a character, or has the potential to become a character, and all my friends and family members and everybody around me kinda knows that. The last 2 years have been really inspirational and I was just constantly writing, and that’s why they’re so many new songs on the new album.”

“When it came to approaching this album, I really wanted to go back to the drawing board and think about a different way to approach it, and so I just thought why not call all of my song writing, producing and artist heroes and see if they wanna work together? Just make the call and see. and when I did that I got the opportunity to work with some of my absolute favourite people in music. This album is full of co-writes, and it’s got a lot of collaborations going on.”

Ed Sheeran is one of my favourite people in the world. he’s so cool, and he’s just such a great artist, and I remember when I was touring in Australia I saw his music video on TV, and I was just blown away. We ended up getting together and writing together. We wrote a song while sitting on a trampoline that was so much fun and that we actually ended up recording it as a duet.”

“With the last album it was kind of like this guessing game and people pretty much figured everything out, and I thought I was much more clever and cryptic about it than I really was. I have a new single that I really wanna premiere officially right now… it’s a really romantic song. It’s called ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’

When another fan enquired as to whether she ever reads any articles about herself, she replied: “If you read too many things about yourself that are even a little bit incorrect, not even like a big rumour that’s wrong, you start just like kinda obsessing over what people think about you. I really have no idea what the general perception is of me right now, which lets me live in a place that’s happier, and less kind of self-aware.”

To Jenni Champion in the audience, she admitted that some aspects of her life have changed since fame: “A lot of things have changed, but um I feel like a lot of things have stayed the same. A lot of kind of basic things about going from your life. It’s not like I can’t go and do things that I used to do. Everywhere I go it’s a more social situation now. I still go and shop at the same grocery stores that I used to, I still shop at the same stores, I still hang out with my friends. Everybody that’s really close to me still kind of treats me the same, which makes you look at life the same and kinda act the same.”

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