Prince Harry’s Naked Vegas Party


Ladies man Prince Harry has embarrassed the stiff-upper-lipped royals by being papped naked in a hotel suite at the ‘MGM Grand‘ with women in Vegas. The slightly troublesome (and least boring) royal has been confirmed as the person in the pictures (discovered by ‘TMZ‘) by Buckingham Palace, but they’ve refrained from making any further comment.

The Prince appears to be playing pool naked in the hotel suite, and is even seen cupping the “crown jewels” after he and his group explored the hotel bar and befriended several women, and invited them for a game of “strip pool.”

Whilst I find it hilarious, and think he deserves a break after working so hard on duty and also with all the Jubilee/ Olympics appearances, some are criticising him for behaving inappropriately considering that he’s 3rd in line for the throne. Loosen up!

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