Cheryl’s Arm In Sling After Crash


Cheryl Cole has bravely soldiered on after her car crash the other night, and has headed straight back to work to promote next single ‘Under The Sun‘. She did a number of interviews in London yesterday morning at various radio stations, including ‘Capital FM‘ and ‘Radio 1‘, and she rocked up with a fairly unglamorous accessory- an arm sling!

When she was asked by Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry about the scary smash, Cheryl blamed Will‘s chattyness as the cause of the collision: “He’s a bad talker. He was talking the face off us. He was talking about ‘Nasa‘ and Mars.” And as far as the sling is concerned, don’t worry, she’s only got to wear it for 3 days! “You know what, I think it’s actually hurting more to have it in the sling than it does when it’s not in there. I was just told to wear it for 3 days.  I’m following doctor’s orders.”

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