Olivia Palermo Slams ‘The City’ Days


In 2008, ‘MTV‘ replaced ‘The Hills‘ with their East Coast version, ‘The City‘. Olivia Palermo was nothing more than a socialite with wealthy parents and a hatred for Whitney Port that worked in accessories at ‘Elle‘, but since the show ended she’s become somewhat of a fashion darling, and has even launched a capsule jewellery collection with Roberta Freymann.

All this makes it seem ungrateful of her to now show total disregard for the show, and she told the ‘New York Post‘ just last week that she has some definite regrets about starring on the show: “I think from the beginning of my career… being in television… that was completely – it was just ridiculous, it was not me at all. It’s a learning experience… That’s how I always put it. I’m very happy in the career I’m in now, and that’s the end of the matter.'”

And as for the bitchy, self-righteous air she had about her onscreen, she told ‘The Los Angeles Times‘: “It’s a little disappointing. I’m a much nicer person, much more laid back and relaxed, not serious like they show me. They can only use so much footage in 30 minutes so I think that they really narrow it down and sometimes it doesn’t come out exactly how I would like.” Yep, I believe you…

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