Cher Lloyd Admits: “I Was A Bitch”


During her time on ‘The X Factor‘ in 2010, Cher Lloyd‘s camp denied any rumours circulating about her diva-ish demands backstage, but now she has sheepishly confessed to ‘The Sun‘ that there may have been some truth in it after all.

“I was an absolute bitch. I raise my hands up to it. I was aggressive, I was cocky. I put my foot in it. I built up this big persona of ‘I’m the bees knees’ and then I had to deal with it and pick up the pieces. It wasn’t the person I am – I put it on because I was terrified every single day that I was on the TV show. I read the papers and I looked online and I almost didn’t believe it was me. I got more and more frustrated and I wouldn’t do interviews. I was a nightmare. I was aggressive and I thought the whole world was against me and I don’t know why. It was weird.”

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