Radio 1 DJ Made Katy Perry Cry


Radio 1‘ DJ Scott Mills has let slip to ‘The Sun‘ that he accidentally made Katy Perry cry once on his show after bringing her face to face with a Russell Brand lookalike at the time of their marital struggles.

“Something was up – I couldn’t put my finger on it but she seemed on edge. Anyway, we thought it would be funny to get a Russell Brand lookalike to surprise her. Well, she ran out of the room screaming. My producer told me she was in tears in the next room, while I tried to smooth it over with viewers. I have no idea why it freaked her. For all I know they were having marriage problems. But she eventually did come back on screen. When there was a break she whispered in my ear, ‘You better play my songs forever!’ Looking back, we were pushing our luck.”

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