Leighton Meester On The End Of ‘GG’


Having watched ‘Gossip Girl‘ literally from the beginning in 2007, I’m getting pretty nostalgic now that my favourite show is coming to and end. And it seems that the brilliant Leighton Meester, the woman responsible for playing the bitch of the Upper East Side, Blair Waldorf, is too.

In a new interview for the UK edition of ‘Cosmopolitan‘, she spoke about her sadness at the show’s end: “It’s good that we’re going out on a high note, but I’m ready to move on. It’ll probably be a challenge, for a time, to fight against that character – I won’t play an overprivileged girl any time soon! But I’ll never forget ‘Gossip Girl‘.”

And if you’re expecting her to act at all like her over-privileged character, think again: “I’ve never seen Blair with the same bag, coat or shoes twice. I don’t know anyone who had that. I had two pairs of jeans when I was a teenager that I rotated. I wouldn’t trust myself with a ‘Prada‘ bag! I didn’t even want to change for gym so I’d wear sweatpants over my jeans, then sweat around the track for an hour.”

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