Marina & The Diamonds’ Hair Loss


Welsh pop singer ‘Marina & The Diamonds‘ has told ‘The Sun‘ that she’s spent most of 2012 covering her short hair with a series of wigs following her drastic hair loss.

“It literally fell out. I went to this hairdresser in LA before a shoot, and she just fucked it up. She was blowdrying my hair and said: ‘You’ve got a bit of breakage at the back.’ I looked around and a lot had just snapped off at 2 inches. A week later I had it all cut really short. I bought a wig and painted the roots black and wore a ribbon over it, so it looked natural. And the ribbon became part of my look. I wore the wig for 9 months. Nobody knew. It’s only now that my hair is long enough to look natural. Wigs are fun, but I never felt beautiful in a wig. So I’m glad to have my own hair back.”

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