Gaga Throws Up Mid -Performance


Lady Gaga is known for giving her all to fans during her performances, but she definitely gave too much over the weekend when she threw up 4 times during her ‘Born This Way Ball‘ concert. The pop star was performing in Spain when she suffered from a bout of sickness, and it got so bad that she ended up leaning over the make-shift balcony onstage to spew over it! Nice!

After the video went viral, she tweeted: “Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one! Check out Lady PukeGA doing Swan “Vomit” Lake. I still hit my routine mom! 🙂 Thank goodness for the ‘Dorchester‘…I need some tea, I think I just cried a little watching that. Spain, you took the piss outta me. That’s some hard bodied pop stuff. I’ll never forget tonight Barcelona. Forever.”

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