‘Girls Aloud’ Reveal Album & Tour


Girls Aloud‘ held a special press conference at midday at London‘s ‘Corinthia Hotel‘ to announce plans for a new comeback album and tour. They will release an 18– track album titled ‘10‘ at the end of this year, and 4 of those tracks will contain new, previously unheard material.

During the chat, Geordie lass Cheryl had a bit of banter with the others, and compared the group to a good old cooking sauce, telling the attendees: “it took a little while to marinade”, to which Sarah Harding retorted, “we’re not a steak!”

Cheeky ‘Heat‘ magazine asked the girls towards the end what underwear they were wearing, cue gasps and awkward expressions from the crowd. There was a lot of “I can’t remember, it was so early” coming from them, but Sarah told the reporter “Agent Provocateur darling!” Nadine Coyle looked amazing, I would love that woman’s legs, but the dodgy half-Irish half American accent does my head in.

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