Ed Sheeran Gets Taylor Swift Tattoo


Things seem to have been hotting up between Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift recently…in fact, you could say that they’re ‘Red‘ hot! Ha! The flaming haired singer has been friends with the Swift for a little while now, having written several songs with her, most notably love ballad ‘Everything Has Changed‘, and now he’s proved his dedication to her with a new tattoo. Ed, who will be accompanying her on her 2013 tour, has had the word (and title of her new album) ‘Red‘ etched onto his forearm (written in her trademark album font).

He messaged her yesterday on Twitter saying: “Congrats to @taylorswift13 for selling 1.2 million albums in a week, orrrrsssuuummmm.” Taylor retweeted the message, and posted: “They just told me ‘Red‘ sold 1.2 million albums first week. How is this real life?! You are UNREAL. I love you so much. Thanks a million. ;)”

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