Nadine Coyle Swears Live On Radio 1


Potty-mouthed ‘Girls Aloud‘ singer Nadine Coyle lived up the airwaves this morning when she accidentally swore live on Grimmy‘s ‘Radio 1‘ breakfast show. The singer, who was accompanied by all her band mates, was discussing the popular Twitter tool ‘hash tagging’, when she dropped the “p-bomb”- aka, the least offensive swear word in the world- “piss.” The Irish beauty joked: “I use hash tags as a pisstake…as a joke…and it’s so hard,” before she was interrupted by the radio host, who apologised for any offence that her language might have caused. “If you’re offended about that, you need to get out more,” the cheeky lady retorted! Go Nadine!

Radio 1‘ tweeted after their interview: “Nadine swore, Nicola loved ‘Westlife‘, Sarah can’t work Twitter, Cheryl loved Ultimate Kaos, Kimberley spilt her coffee #WeloveGirlsAloud.” Cheryl tweeted this evening: “I had soooo much fun today with @GirlsAloud #MemoryLane #LoveMyGirls,” and Nadine, who was clearly still not over the incident, responded:Me too! It was such a class day! Love yous too #no#tag x.”

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