Lindsay Lohan Gains Half Sister


I have no doubt that this is the very face Lindsay Lohan made when she was told this afternoon that she’s just inherited a 17-year-old half sister! The ‘Mean Girls‘ actress’ father, the infamous Michael Lohan, took part in a televised DNA test this morning, and was proved to be the father of Ashley Horn.

The 52-year-old cheater agreed to participate in the results in an episode of chat show ‘Trisha Goddard‘ on ‘NBC‘, and its result proved that she is the love child of Michael, who had an affair with her mother Kristi in 1995, at which time his wife Dina was busy raising Lindsay‘s siblings Cody and Ali.

When Ashley was told the news, she promptly burst into tears (who wouldn’t? Look how his other daughters have turned out!), and rejected Michael‘s immediate offer of a hug. “No! No! No! I don’t want to be part of the Lohan train-wreck. What gives you the right to tell me that the kids have a right to disown me. What made you say that to me? How can you keep lying?”, she raged.

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