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Kardashian Having Kanye’s Baby


Kanye West no doubt ruined a planned magazine exclusive last night by announcing girlfriend Kim Kardashian‘s pregnancy during a concert. He stopped mid-performance last night in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and ordered the crowd to “make some noise for my baby mama!”

The softie rapper’s revelation was confirmed online today by Kim, who posted: “It’s true! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his Mom and my Dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us. Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!”

The hundreds of Kardashian family members have all been tweeting their excitement. Kourtney: “Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Another angel to welcome to our family. Overwhelmed with excitement!” Khloé: “KIMYE! Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited! LOVE is everything!” Lamar Odom, Khloé‘s husband: “I’m excited for Kanye and my sister! There’s nothing like bringing life into this world! Let’s keep Gods blessings coming!” Kim‘s Mum Kris Jenner: “I’m a happy girl! Wowza! Oh BABY BABY BABY!” Younger half-sisters Kendall and Kylie also had a message each for them: “Who’s excited about the KIMYE babbyyy?! 😀 Weeee,” and “congrats to this beautiful couple. I love you guys.” Let’s hope that Khloé is the next to pop one out, she is so deserving…

‘X Factor’ Singer Katie Waissel Ends 2 Month Long Marriage To Model



Former ‘X Factor‘ contestant Katie Waissel has separated from her husband of 2 months, Brad Alphonso. The pair married in a top-secret ceremony in late September, and broke things off between them at the very start of December. Fans of the singer worry that the couple rushed into marriage, having dated beforehand for just 16 weeks beforehand.

Her representative spoke on her behalf to ‘The Daily Mail‘: “We can confirm that Katie has separated from her husband. It’s a very sad time for both parties. Katie has now gone back to LA and is putting her focus on recording with her ‘Red Velvet‘ project.” In the last few days there’s been a flurry of related messages on her Twitter page: “I should have known right from the start that he was just a work of art. -Flat. Off to Heathrow now to head back to LA I’m going to miss you all!”

Lady Gaga Offers Counselling Service On ‘Born Brave’ Tour Bus


We all know that Lady Gaga has a big heart, but her thoughtfulness and care for her own fans is second to none. The spectacular singer has launched a new feature of her self-established ‘Born This Way Foundation‘…the ‘Born Brave‘ bus! It will be joining her on the road as she wraps up her ‘Born This Way Ball‘ tour over the next 3 months, and is headed across North America.

In a Twitter message, she explained its purpose: “For those wondering about the ‘counseling’ at the ‘BTW Ball Born Brave‘ pre-show, it will be a fun tailgating experience for monsters to unite. At the #BornBraveBus you have access to professional private or group chats about mental health, depression, bullying, school & friends. #BornBraveBus there will also be food and games, @djws and @ladystarlightny will DJ with host @BREEDLOVENYC to keep the experience fun. #BornBraveBus is a place where mental health and depression are taken seriously with no judgement, FREE real help available to all #BraverWorld. I feel like most kids don’t look for help because they feel embarrassed so mom and I wanted to break the stigmas around ‘help’ and make it fun.”

Kim Refutes Jenner Divorce Claims


It seems that every week Kim Kardashian ends up denying a story about her in the press, and this week it happens to be about the relationship between her mother Kris Jenner and step-father Bruce, whose relationship is currently undergoing fierce scrutiny.

Kim posted on her ‘Facebook‘ page: “This was my first time seeing Lamar play for the ‘Clippers‘! It was funny how everyone made a big deal about Bruce and my mom not sitting together, saying it was fueling these ridiculous divorce rumors. Well I got 4 court-side seats, so Kanye and I obviously sat in 2 of them and then we wanted Khloé up front too, since it’s her husband playing, and the mom joined us too. My mom got 8 other seats right behind us for the family, where Bruce sat with everyone else. I started to feel a little ill (I caught the flu over the Christmas holidays!) so Kanye and I left at half time and Bruce came to the front and sat with my mom. It’s a simple as that! Not everything is as dramatic as the media make it out to be! We had the best family Christmas ever!”

Rihanna Donates £1.75m To Hospital


Family-loving singer Rihanna has paid tribute to her late grandmother Dolly by donating to the hospital that treated her cancer. Her relative died in June, and she was devastated by the loss. Her contribution of £1.75m to the ‘Queen Elizabeth Hospital‘ on her home island of Barbados will see the re-opening of the hospital’s radiotherapy unit as the ‘Clara Braithwaite Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine‘.

In a short statement to ‘E! News‘ explaining her action, Ri reasoned: “This was my way of giving back to Barbados, in a form of philanthropy, by assisting the ‘QEH‘ in its continued modernization program….I believe that this will have a huge impact on the people of Barbados. This was all done to save lives or at least extend them.” When she announced her intentions over the weekend, she confirmed plans to pay for 3 pieces of modern equipment: “I believe that this will have a huge impact on the people of Barbados. This was all done in effort to save lives or at least extend it and I thank all of you for being a part of it.” She also posted a picture of her and her grandfather on her ‘Instagram‘ with the caption: “Me and grand pops in Barbados at the unveiling ceremony in memory of #GranDolly at ‘QEH‘.”

Perry Wraps Presents For Charity


Selfless-singer Katy Perry spent her Saturday this weekend helping kids wrap Christmas presents up for those less fortunate than themselves. The charitable lady returned to her roots by visiting Santa Barbara for the event, and the day’s acitivities were documented by Phoenix-based radio presenter Matt McAllister on his Twitter page (@KNIXMatt).

He wrote: “No big deal, my daughters are hanging out with Katy Perry today. My daughters volunteered to wrap presents for a charity today and they had no idea Katy Perry was coming! Happy Emma! That’s Lily wrapping presents with Katy Perry. Charity rocks! My girls with Katy Perry. The best part was that there was no media there and she wasn’t doing it for publicity. Forgot to mention her new boyfriend John Mayer was there too. Crazy day here in SB!”

Celebs Unite For Anti-Gun Advert


Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé KnowlesReese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres and Selena Gomez are just a few of the list of celebrities who have used their status for good by collaborating with ‘Demand A Plan.’

The bevy of famous faces are fronting a campaign to ban gun violence and to prevent people from being able to purchase guns. It come sin the wake of last week’s massacre at ‘Sandy Hooks Elementary School‘ in the town of Newton, Connecticut. Last Friday Adam Lanza shot dead 20 children and 6 adults before turning the gun on himself, killing not only teachers, but also a number of pupils.

In the short clip, they ask: “How many more… colleges, classrooms, movie theatres, houses of faith, shopping malls, street corners. Enough…. Demand a plan. Right now, as a mom, as a dad, as a friend, as a husband, as a wife, as an American, as a human being, for the children of ‘Sandy Hook‘ demand a plan. No more lists of names. It’s not too soon. It’s too late. Now is the time, before we all know someone who loves someone on that list. No more lists. No more who they might have been, if we had just done something yesterday. It’s time. We can do better than this. It’s time for our leaders to act. Demand a plan right now. Right now. You can demand it. Enough.”