Latino Singer Killed In Plane Crash


It is widely believed that hugely successful Latino singer Jenni Rivera was killed by a plane crash on Sunday. Officials lost track of the aircraft (which was headed to Mexico City) mere minutes after it departed from the runway, and the plane nose-dived, causing a catastrophic impact.

The 43-year-old mother of 5 boarded the flight with her 6-piece entourage, who are partly visible in the following photo, the last of her to ever be taken. Police have not yet recovered a body from the scene, but have found a dress worn by the singer onstage, her driver’s license, and a pair of her heels, so her chances of survival are looking very slim.

Fellow celebrity tweeter Eva Longoria wrote her condolences to the singer’s family online: “My heart breaks for the loss of Jenni Rivera & everyone on the plane. My prayers go out to her family. We lost a legend today.” J Lo also added: “So sad! Praying for Jenni Rivera‘s children and family and the passengers families. Que dios los bendigan!! Descansen en paz.”

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