‘Twilight’ Actor Arrested For Urinating On LAX Airport Floor


Twilight‘ actor Bronson Pelletier broke multiple US laws this week when he acted drunk and disorderly in an airport lounge area, and then proceeded to urinate literally all over the carpet. The members of public surrounding him looked on in horror as he whacked it out, aiming directly at the floor, and he refused to stop when security intervened.

The Canadian actor caused a ruckus at ‘LAX‘ airport after a booze-filled birthday/ New Year’s celebration. He was forced onto the ground and handcuffed by policemen, and given a January 7 court hearing to ring in the new year with. He caused the scene in the airport after being chucked off his flight for disturbing other passengers onboard, and for being too intoxicated to fly.

The troubled actor also faces charges form last year of crystal meth and cocaine possession, and his spokesperson has confirmed to ‘TMZ‘, who obtained the video of the incident, that: “he realises he has issues and will be entering a treatment programme for addiction in the near future.”

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