‘Cut For Bieber’ Trend Provokes Dramatic Reponse From Fans


Justin Bieber was a silly boy and smoked weed last week in a Californian hotel room last week, and his overprotective but loving fanbase have taken the news badly. One group of Twitter users, ‘4chan‘, initiated a disgusting prank, a trend called ‘Cut For Bieber.’ Hundreds of fans submitted photos of themselves hacking at their flesh in an attempt to make him stop the drug use. Shortly after the images arrived on the Internet, many spoof photos were sent in, including several jokey shots using fake blood.

Miley Cyrus weighed in on the big debate herself: ““I really hope this cutting shit is just a bunch of punk ass haters that have nothing better to do & no one out there harming themselves.” One Twitter user wrote: “Whoever started the ‘Cut For Bieber’ trend is sick in the head, made Beliebers look obsessive and some people actual have issues with cutting.” And another responded with: “That ‘Cut For Bieber’ stuff is stupid, if you were his real fan you’d be cutting him a piece of cake because chances are he has the munchies.”

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