Helen Flanagan Almost Kills Boyfriend By Reversing Into Him


Whichever fool gave Helen Flanagan a driving license should feel like one…the blonde bimbo/ actress nearly killed her boyfriend yesterday by putting her car into reverse, without realising that the footballer was stood right behind the vehicle.

The ex- ‘I’m A Celebrity‘ contestant had spent 2 hours looking for a Post Office, and was clearly exhausted after completing such a very strenuous task. She tweeted: “But there’s not just one Post Office there’s 2. I don’t know Macclesfield. Bloody hell it’s hard work isn’t it. And when I get there they tell me to go back to the other one. So I’m driving around getting evils from all drivers. My wing mirror is hanging on for dear life. I nearly ran over my bf today too put it in reverse didn’t realise he was getting his suitcase out the boot.” Speechless…and my family say that I’m a poor driver!

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