Winehouse’s Ex Blake Describes The First Time She Touched Heroin


Amy Winehouse‘s ex husband Blake Fielder-Civil appeared on ‘Jeremy Kyle‘ earlier today, and spoke about how he got the singer hooked on deadly drugs:

“I’ve admitted that I was there when Amy had heroin for the first time, it was my doing, I don’t think she’d ever experienced it without me … the thing with heroin is you don’t take it once and get a dependency straight away it can take quite a while to be build up a dependency. I got my first habit where I had to do it every day before we went to get to America to get married. So it was maybe two months after that (she needed it). We smoked, she never injected it, I did inject eventually but not with Amy, after the relationship ended.”

“We were using it once a week for about 2 to 3 weeks, to then twice a week and then it gradually built up like that. One day we were laying in bed and Amy said she felt like she had a cold and I felt awful as well and I said, “I think this is withdrawal.” And she said, “I’m not doing that again.” Because it felt so horrible. The fact is is that of course I regret it; not only just because of the damage it’s caused Amy, and the loss of her life and the damage to her family, but also to my family and also to me. We’ve all gone through this addiction.”

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