‘90210’ Axed By ‘CW’ After 5 Series


Oh no kids, not another show gone…the nasty ‘CW‘ writers announced this weekend that they are axing teen drama ‘90210‘ at the end of the current season. The show, based on the glamorous lives of rich school kids from the famous zip code, will depart our screens after 5 seasons in May.

Several of the show’s main characters have expressed their sadness at its end, but also their gratitude to show producers for providing them with the experience. Jessica Stroup (Erin Silver), tweeted: “Oh Silver, our time has come to an end but you are a part of me forever. Thanks to the fans who have been along for the ride, all my love.” Jessica Lowndes added: “I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to play Adrianna these past 5 seasons. Thank you for your endless support. I love you guys. To my amazing cast, I have LOVED working with each and every one of you. I’m excited to see what you all do next! I expect great things.”

CW‘ boss Mark Pedowitz blamed falling ratings as the main reason for its cancellation: “I’d like to thank the talented cast, producers, and crew for all their hard work and dedication to the series. We are very proud of the West Beverly High alumni.”

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