Watch CUTV’s Pilot Episode Of New Fashion Show ‘Dressing The Diff’


A couple of months ago myself and friend Helen started talking about creating our own fashion show for Cardiff Uni based TV station, ‘CUTV‘. After weeks of planning in meetings, filming segments and editing them together, this is the finishing product…the pilot episode of ‘Dressing The Diff’!

The pilot episode features a review of the best dressed at the Oscars, a rating of current trends on the “hot or not” scale, and we head down to ‘River Island‘ for the launch of Rihanna‘s new line! Presented by Alice Hart, Helen Griffiths, Jade Attwood and Menna Jones, filmed by Sum Sze Tam, and edited by Alice Hart and Helen Griffiths.

We aim to offer fashion advice and critique current high street trends, teach viewers how to do the odd wardrobe DIY job, and most importantly, to make all students aware that you don’t have to have a big budget to be creative or enjoy fashion. Look out for episode number 2!

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