Cara Delevigne In Trouble After Suspicous White Powder Scandal


Screen-Shot-2013-05-07-at-11.37.51Model-of-the-moment Cara Delevigne is not quite as innocent as the fashion pack make her out to be it seems, as she was papped earlier this week with a suspicious looking packet of white powder.

The substance, which is quite clearly cocaine, has led friends and family of the 2012Model of the Year‘ to worry about her health, with many citing an extremely hectic work schedule as a possible cause for the habit. It’s easy to compare her to Kate Moss, who was famously ditched by a number of fashion houses after her drug habit was made public.

She was looking for her keys in her bag when the packet slipped out- she tried to cover up her error by standing on the packet and dropping the bag on the floor, but even that couldn’t distract those pesky paps, who caught it all on camera. The 20-year-old model seems to have quite the sense of humour, as she tweeted this afternoon: “I am searching for a new PA, these are the following criteria: massage, possible fondling when needed, cooking, cleaning, the ability to fly.”

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