Paris Hilton Recovers From Painful Wisdom Teeth Surgery


Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 11.04.46Stunning heiress Paris Hilton had to undergo quite a painful treatment at the dentist this week. The blonde had 4 difficult wisdom teeth removed- a common procedure in the States, with a reputation for being quite nasty.

She kept her 10 million Twitter followers up to speed with her progress: “Dreading going to the dentist today to get my wisdom teeth removed. Been looking at videos of it on YouTube. This is going to be brutal! In the dentist chair about to be put under for my wisdom teeth removal surgery. Wish me luck! Just finished. They had to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth. Still feeling dizzy from the anesthesia, hopefully the pain won’t be that bad. Happy my ❤ @RealRiverViiperi is here to pick me up at the dentist & drive me home to take of of me. #HottestDoctorEver. Aw, my love @riverviiperi is so sweet! Made me my favorite Breakfast in bed. I love French toast!”

“Laying in bed with @RiverViiperi & my puppies watching #BatesMotel. Recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery. Ouch! It hurts so much! Laying in bed. Can’t sleep. Hurts so much to get 4 wisdom teeth pulled out at once. In so much pain. #Brutal #IHateGoingToTheDentist.”

“I feel so lucky! All my friends said they had chipmunk cheeks after they had their wisdom teeth removed. But I still have my same cheeks and feel great!  So lucky to have the best boyfriend in the world. Taking care of me, he just made me my favorite soups for dinner. Love my @RiverViiperi.”

Hopefully the pain won’t deter her from singing…she replied to a fan online this week saying that we’d have new music by the summer! Awesome!

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